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Important Tips/Reminders for School Success

School is a big adjustment for most children. Below are some important tips/reminders to help make your child’s school day successful:

  • Please see that your child gets a good night of sleep. With plenty of rest your child will be able to handle new and unfamiliar situations better.
  • Please see that your child gets a good, healthy breakfast. Food provides the nourishment a body needs in order to grow and will help your child be more alert.
  • Please have your child use the bathroom before leaving the house for school. This, along with our scheduled bathroom breaks, will help prevent any accidents.
  • Please talk with your child about school and reassure them that school is a fun, safe, learning place. Encourage your child to tell you about his school experiences. This will help relieve anxiety for your child and provide an opportunity for you to praise your child. Children who feel good about themselves and their ability to learn have more confidence in new situations.
  • Please reinforce the following classroom expectations with your child:
  1. Walk in the classroom.
  2. Use quiet voices in the classroom.
  3. Be kind to others.
  4. Use words to express how we feel.
  5. Have fun learning!

Please help your child arrive to school on time.

Arriving to school on time can assist your child to transition more easily into their day. Our school starts with Free Choice time. This activity affords your child the opportunity to exercise decision making skills. Making choices and initiating play develops a sense of autonomy, allows children to be curious, and encourages their sense of wonder, competence and flexibility. Socially and emotionally this activity provides children a time to first, ease into their day and also, engage in open-ended play with peers and practice, with teacher/parent guidance, social skills including: sharing, cooperation, assertiveness and conflict resolution.

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